Bad Breath
Level 61
MP Cost: 212 MP
Ecosystem: Plantoids
Type: Magical: Earth
Target: Fan Breath AoE
Spell Modifiers HP
Set Point Cost: 5 Set Points
Casting Time: 8.75 Seconds
Recast Time: 120 Seconds
Stat Bonus: INT+2, MND+2


Obtained from Monster Family: Morbol
TP Moves Effect
Bad Breath Breath Cone Attack Slow + Poison + Silence + Paralyze + Weight + Bind + Blind
Impale Single Target attack + Paralyze
Sweet Breath Cone Attack Sleep
Vampiric Lash Single target Drain attack
Vampiric Root Single target Drain attack + transfers Buffs to caster
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

The Vampiric attacks can be quite nasty with high level Morbol.

Bad Breath, if it lands can be a horror.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 55
Bad Breath is best hunted in Rolanberry Fields.

This spell can be safely soloed with no issues when you can learn it at 55.

Bringing a variety of medicine for Bad Breath's effects can help, but since you will be far over the monsters level when you hunt they are not mandatory. A low damage weapon to feed the monster TP helps.

Morbol Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Ochu 34-37 Rolanberry Fields

The Best place to hunt Morbols is in the southern part of Rolanberry Fields. There are many easy to find Ochu here, concentrated in the areas circled in red on the map above.

You should have no problems soloing the Ochu here by the time you can learn the spell. Feed them TP, wait to see the move, and hopefully learn it! If not, on to the next Ochu! You will not run out of them here.


Morbol Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Malboro 25-28 Pashhow Marshlands
Stroper 31-34 Ordelle's Caves
Morbol 37-39 Davoi
Overgrown Rose 45-48 Yuhtunga Jungle
Anemone 45-46 Eldieme Necropolis
Overgrown Rose 47-50 Misareaux Coast
Anemone 51-54 Yhoator Jungle
Ameretat 65-66 Bhaflau Thickets
Ameretat 66-68 Wajaom Woodlands
Morbol Menace 67-70 Boyahda Tree

Great Ameretat

73-74 Wajaom Woodlands
Demonic Rose 75-78 Boyahda Tree
Demonic Rose 76-79 Dragon's Aery

There are many Morbol type monsters in several other zones. The lower ones are sparse in their zones, or very spread out like Pashhow Marshlands Morbols. So while they are easy to kill, there is a lot of running back and forth to find spawns, making these camps not the best. The higher level versions are very dangerous to kill, and will require a party. They are not recommended.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes. You should have no problems by level 55 in camp #1
Do I need any special items? No, but if you dislike status effects, bring a variety of meds for Bad Breath's many effects. A low damage weapon to feed the monster TP is useful.
Do Morbol like to use the move? They seem to use it often.
The damage from the spell is calculated at (Current HP / 8) + (your level / 3).
Bad Breath can be paired with any of the following spells to create the Fast Cast Trait: Sub-zero Smash or Auroral Drape.

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