Body Slam
Level 62
MP Cost: 74 MP
Ecosystem: Dragon
Type: Physical (Blunt)
Target: AoE centered on caster
Spell Modifiers VIT 40%
Set Point Cost: 4 Set Points
Casting Time: 1 Second
Recast Time: 27.75 Seconds
Stat Bonus: VIT+1, MP+5


Obtained from Monster Family: Dragon
TP Moves Effect
Body Slam AoE Damage Attack
Chaos Blade: Not used in AU Cone Damage attack + Curse
Flame Breath Cone Damage Fire attack
Heavy Stomp: Not used in AU AoE Damage Attack + Paralyze
Lodesong: Not used in AU AOE Gravity
Nullsong: Only used in AU Removes all buffs + Deals 100 damage/buff
Petro Eyes Cone gaze Petrification

Poison Breath: Not used in AU

Cone Damage Water attack + Poison
Thornsong Caster receives Blaze Spikes
Voidsong: Not used in AU AoE Full Dispell
Wind Breath: Not used in AU Cone Damage Wing attack
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

Dragons are just danger on four legs. Most of the TP moves can be very dangerous.

The Petrification from Petro Eyes is very strong. And can destroy a Blink Tank.

Heavy Stomp's Paralysis is long lasting and procs often. The damage that comes with it is very large.

The same holds for Body Slam. Mages can be one shotted by it.

Nullsong, will take off hundreds of HP from everyone in the party if they are well buffed.

Chaos Blade's Curse can put a tank down quickly.

And the Dragon itself hits hard and often.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 56

Body Slam is best hunted in the Wings of the Goddess Mission Seven BCNM.

The spell can be soloed with good gear and skill by a 75 BLU/NIN in Camp #1, though a duo or trio will make it simpler. Bring Meds, including at least one Remedy.

For Other Camps, An Alliance or very very strong party with specific jobs is needed for this spell, it is not soloable. You can go as soon as you can convince your friends to fight the dragons for you. Try to be at least level 62 so your learn rate will be good. You do not want you have to kill many of these monsters. The Higher you are the better.

For the Dragons on Mount Zhayolm, you need a White Mage to remove Petrification more then any other item or spell for support. Blue Mages Should set one or both Dispells that they have for Thornsong. Having some Gravity spells set also is a plus. You will need Sneak and Invisible spells or potions to reach camp.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Galarhigg ??? Wings of the Goddess Mission 7 BCNM

Body Slam can be learned in the uncapped Wings of the Goddess Mission 7: 'Purple, The New Black' BCNM. One must have completed WotG Mission 6 or higher to enter, AND at least one person must be on the mission. You can repeat the fight as many times as you like so long as one party member is on mission 7. The fight is located at F9 in La Vaule (S).

Following along the right wall from entrance is the safest route, only Invisible is needed unless Truesight NM's are up. The Path is marked in Red on the map above.

The Dragon in this fight, Galarhigg can use ALL of the TP moves listed in the move table at the top of the page, along with a few new breath spells. On occasion, throughout the fight, Galarhigg will use a breath attack proceeded by the "2hr Dustcloud". The breath attack chosen indicates a switch in an element that it absorbs. Water, Fire, and Wind are possible. Avoid casting any spells of the named type after this move, as it will heal the Dragon. Galarhigg has about 11,000 HP.

This fight can be soloed by a well geared level 75 BLU/NIN, and is very easy to low man, with duos and trios, if the players are skilled and can self-cure or blink damage. Six men parties will destroy the Dragon. There is no Exp loss for a death in the BCNM. So this Camp is a risk free way for a Blue Mage to learn this annoying spell with no risk to them or friends, and it does not take an Army! SE gave the BLU's a gift with this mission!

So if you can get a few level 75 friends to help out when you are level 56 or more, you can easily learn this spell here and even have fun while you do.

If you are planning a solo at 75, bring a Remedy and other Meds as listed in the needs area above, Holy Water, and a Regen drink help a lot. Stun is your best friend. When you see the "2HR dustcloud" move start to stun stun stun. That will save you from the breath moves.

If you are being helped by friends, having subs that can self-cure damage, or a WHM will make the win easy. As the Dragon can curse, Holy Water or Cursna is a must. A regular party will have no issues killing the dragon for you, and in fact, it might be hard to keep it alive long enough to see the move!


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Dahak 82-83 Mount Zhayolm

Once you zone into Mount Zhayolm, via the Havlung Staging point, head to the Gates of Halvung at J-7. You and your party will need invisible to get past the clusters, and if it's night, sneak to pass the Ghosts in the area before the gate. To open the gate you need to have the key item one gets from checking the Metal Plate ??? spawns. To get the quest, click the gates then find the active ??? that will give you the key item.

Once you are past the Gates you need to head for Halvung zoneline at G-7, marked with a 8 on the map above. To reach it, you need to first pass sight aggro Trolls, and sight, and Job Ability aggro Flans. There is also one sound aggro Clot in the tunnel at H-7. There are also True Hearing Wamoura just past the gates, and just before the zone. Give them a wide pass.

Once you enter Halvung at the entrance marked 8 on the first map, head for the exit at the one marked 5 on the map above. There are some bombs along the way, so use invisible to get past them. Once you zone back onto Mount Zhayolm (top map above) at E-7 you are at your camp, the tunnel exit there.

Scattered about the area are six Dahak, they are on 30 minute repops. There are True hearing Wamoura to the West, and at night Undead pop far from the camp.

Fighting these Dragons is a risky business. Happily there is one plus, they can only use a small subset of the dragon moves: Body Slam, Flame Breath, Nullsong, Petro Eyes, and Thornsong. Each of these can be handled with proper planning.

Body Slam can be absorbed by two Ninja shadows.

Nullsong will not hurt your party if you fight with no buffs.

A White Mage can use Stona for Petro Eyes.

A Red Mage, or Blue Mage can Dispell the Blaze spikes from Thornsong.

With this knowledge in hand you can plan your fight.

The safest way to deal with the dragons is to use Level 75 Summoners. Three of them can fight a dragon with low risk. Four will make it safe, and Five will own the dragons. Here is what they need to do:

Each Summoner calls an Avatar, and engages the target dragon with them one after another, with small spacing between the engages. This will allow for at least one Avatar to always be on the dragon. Bloodpacts should NOT be used unless they are finishing moves, as they will cause hate issues. The Summoners need to stay far far away from the Dragon. A Body Slam Can one shot them.

Support mages and Bards should pitch in to help the Summoners in any way they can. All forms of Refresh are very welcome.

A Blue Mage can help out by casting Mysterious Light or Magnetite Cloud on the target Dragon to place Gravity on it. Wait for a TP move to happen from a safe distance then dash in and cast. This can save your Summoners lives if a hate issue arises, or all Avatars go down at once. Make sure that hate is firmly fixed though. If you take it, stand and hope the Avatars can get it back. Do not run, and bring the Dragon to kill your party.

Everyone should keep their distance, and if you are getting close to the dragon, it is highly suggested that you have Ninja as a subjob so you have shadows to absorb Body Slam. You will take Nullsong Damage for them though.

The Avatars should be able to take the dragon down in a reasonable time with no other aid. With some luck, you will learn the spell.

If you are using a mele party approach to kill the dragon, you will need a Paladin Tank, with dedicated healing support from at least two mages, and a White Mage MUST be present to case Stona for the Petrification that will happen. Everyone should be using Ninja as a Subjob to mitigate Body Slam's damage. A solid merit based TP burn style party can kill the dragons, as long as there is enough mage support for cures, and dispells. This will make things Alliance sized at least. There is still a lot of risk involved. If you go this path good luck!


A solo strategy has been offered for this camp!

Suggested level, job, spells and equipment: Level 75 BLU/NIN, Apollo's and Pluto's staves (at the very least Light and Dark), blue magic merits, 7-12 Yagudo Drinks per fight, Reraise item with multiple charges (usually only 1-2 per fight, can be more if you have bad luck) Spell list: Actinic Burst, Plasma Charge (refresh) Zephyr Mantle, Chaotic Eye (conserve MP) Yawn, Soporific, Sheep Song (sleep spells) Radiant Breath, Eyes On Me (nukes) Magic Fruit, Head Butt (bail-out spells) Diamondhide, Memento Mori (support spells) Bludgeon (in case you don't see Body Slam, usually not needed) Optional suggestions: Balrahn's Ring is good for this. An Umbra Cape and Jelly Ring can help, but as hard as Dahaks hit, you may just want to use casting gear in those slots to shorten the fight, or else evasion skill gear if you have it. The Dahak does whiff at times, so AF feet can help to encourage that trend. Using pants like Errant Slops or Jet Seraweels is the best gear slot to help your nukes because you pretty much have to use AF body. Remember that if the drinks/ingredients plus the casting gear take up too many inventory slots, you can leave the grand majority of your melee items at the moghouse. You don't need a melee contingency plan... if you run out of MP, the fight is over. Good MP resting gear such as Errant Hpl., Qiqirn Sash +1, and Grandiose Chain helps in this fight.

For the fight, Buff up with Utsusemi, Diamondhide, Reraise, and food (tacos work well). On the pull, bring the mob all the way to the arch leading to Halvung so that you can zone if you have to, and your AoEs don't hit the (non-aggro) Wamoura Prince nearby.

After pulling the mob, sleep it using a secondary sleep spell such as Soporific (ie don't use Yawn), then renew your shadows using Utsusemi: Ichi. Drink your first Yagudo Drink here, and try to keep the refresh effect up for the duration of the fight (but don't attempt to drink while the Dahak is awake). IMPORTANT: Face away from the Dahak the entire fight. The petrify JA comes out very fast and may not give you a chance to turn around on reaction.

The basic loop for the fight is as follows: With shadows at full, wake the sleeping Dahak using Radiant Breath. Cast Eyes On Me before you lose the first 3 shadows. Cast Utsusemi: Ni to renew shadows. Cast Yawn to sleep the mob. Once sure the mob is asleep, drop the extra shadows and cast Utsusemi: Ichi to top off shadows. Rest MP. If the mob wakes up early, either sleep it immediately using Soporific, or at the very least nuke it only once and sleep it using Yawn after casting Utsusemi: Ni. Whatever you do, don't go for anything other than a sleep spell once Ni has been cast. If Yawn is resisted (which is very rare with Apollo's Staff, AF body, and blue magic merits), then consider using Azure Lore on Soporific. If Soporific is resisted, use Azure Lore on Sheep Song. The 2nd and 3rd sleep spells are very hard to cast if shadows are down, so Head Butt may be required to create a window. Don't bother trying to get Utsusemi: Ichi up when the mob is awake, just sleep it.

If you have a problem with sleep spells getting resisted, you may want to use a more defensive spell list (ie get rid of Memento Mori and replace with a more reliable stun such as Temporal Shift) because Head Butt with all casting gear will be unreliable.

Now, if you have rested up plenty of MP and the mob has some time yet to sleep, that's a good chance to use Memento Mori (or Amplification) before nuking. You can also choose to renew Diamondhide if it is down, which (because of the high MP cost) lengthens the fight, but makes it safer. Diamondhide absorbs 1.5 hits and gives you a better chance to cast Utsusemi: Ni without getting hit, or cast the sleep spell if Utsusemi is down.

Even though you aren't meleeing the Dahak, it builds TP just fine and you will see a good 5+ JAs per fight. They usually happen right after the mob wakes up. The JAs for the most part will in the worst case require you to use Magic Fruit after sleeping the mob. The exception is Nullsong, which takes out every buff including reraise. If this happens, cast Utsusemi: Ni if you have it, then sleep the mob immediately. Equip your RR item right after sleeping the mob and remember to renew shadows using Utsusemi: Ichi. Use RR as soon as the timer is up. If you can't get RR renewed, zone. It is very possible to die without RR up here, so be careful, and make sure you have a lot of buffer before attempting this fight.

Because of the number of JAs per fight, it is very rare to reach the end of the fight without seeing Body Slam. If this happens, you may want to have Bludgeon available to use in place of the nukes in order to do less damage while feeding the mob TP.

If you have sleep/nuke experience, this isn't a hard a fight once all the prep work is done, and you should be able to win it reliably if you need multiple looks to learn the ability.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #3
Name Level Location
Dragonian Berzerker ??? Double Dragonian BCNM

Body Slam can be learned in the uncapped Double Dragonian BCNM, entered with a Clotho Orb, bought with 30 Kindred's Seals. It is located in Horlais Peak, in Fort Ghelsba.

There are two Dragons in this fight, the Berzerker who is a Warrior, and a Dragonian Minstrel which is a Bard. ONLY the Warrior will use Body Slam.

Both dragons are susceptible to: Sleep, Gravity, and Bind. The bard can be slept with Lullaby, but each time it is Lullabied, the duration is reduced untill it resists completely. Many people recommend Ninja tanks for this BC, but if a kiting strategy is used for the Minstrel after killing the Berzerker, a Paladin tank will do very well. All members of your party will need to do their part for a win here.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #4
Name Level Location
Enhanced Dragon ??? Central Temenos - 1st Floor

Body Slam can be learned on the proper Limbus run. You must be on or past CoP 8-2 to enter Limbus, and have gotten the proper Limbus key items for entry to this area. Your Limbus party should be more then able to deal with this Dragon.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #5
Name Level Location
Vanguard Dragon ??? Dynamis - Xarcabard

Body Slam can be learned in Dynamis Xarcabard. You must have cleared the four City, and Glacier Dynamis to enter this zone. Your Dynamis team should be more then able to deal with this Dragon.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #6
Name Level Location
Barong, Apocalyptic Beast ??? Dynamis - Buburimu

Body Slam can be learned in Dynamis Buburimu.

Barong will only use Body Slam, no other Dragon moves. Apocalyptic Beast can only use Body Slam if Barong has not been killed. Note, when Apocalyptic Beast is killed, all other dragons despawn. None of the other Dragons in Dynamis Buburimu will use Body Slam. All the Dragons here are NM's and a bit harder then the average Dynamis mobs, but a skilled team should have no issues.

You only need ability to enter Dynamis, and be past Diablos in CoP missions to enter Dynamis Buburimu.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #7
Name Level Location
Anantaboga (BRD) ??? ZNM - Mount Zhayolm

Body Slam can be learned from the ZNM Dragon Anantaboga. You or someone in your party must have won a Cerise Seal ZNM fight, and turned in the proper item to open access to this battle. The key item Raw Buffalo must be purchased with the proper amount of Zeni.

Anantaboga is spawned by trading the key item Raw Buffalo to a ??? at (E-6) in Mount Zhayolm. To reach the ??? you must go through Halvung entering at G-7 and following the path west to re-exit on Vozold Island.

The Dragon will use Body Slam (and all other Dragon moves) only once it is silenced. A small alliance is best for killing it. The same method as used in Camp #2 will work well.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #8
Name Level Location
Ash Dragon 85 Ifrit's Cauldron

The Ash Dragon spawns once every three days on a timer based on the last time of death. It is killable by a skilled level 75 exp party. It's spawn area is shown on the map above.


Dragon Hunting Grounds Camp #9
Name Level Location
Biast 70 Xarcabard

Biast Spawns around 10 seconds after the Shadow Dragon is killed, once every 21+ hours. The Shadow Dragon DOES NOT use Body Slam. Biast Does. The Shadow Dragons Spawn area is shown on the map above. A Solid level 75 exp party should be able to take the NM.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Not in most camps. This will be your hardest spell to get. You need help, lots of it.
Can I learn the spell from the Shadow Dragon? No, the Shadow dragon does NOT use Body Slam.
Can I learn the spell from the City Mission Dragons? No, because of the level cap for the fight, the spell cannot be learned there.
Do I need any special items? Yes, subbing Ninja is a big help for hunting this spell. Have re-raise items, and use them. The most important thing you are bringing to this fight is your friends. A warp item to save a long unsafe walk home is nice also.
Do Dragons like to use the move? Yes, in the best camp the number of moves is limited, and Body Slam comes up often. That's a huge blessing. Imagine how bad this would be if they hardly ever used it!
The Spell deals AoE Blunt type Damage
Body Slam can be paired with Flying Hip Press or Frypan to create the Max HP Boost Trait.

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. We'll consider your information in the next page update.

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