Level 72
MP Cost: 74 MP
Ecosystem: Luminians
Type: Physical (Piercing)
Target: Single enemy
Spell Modifiers STR 20%, DEX 20%
Set Point Cost: 5 Set Points
Casting Time: 0.5 Seconds
Recast Time: 32.75 Seconds
Stat Bonus: INT+1, MND-1


Obtained from Monster Family: Aern
TP Moves Effect
Auroral Wind Cone wind damage Attack + silence
Biotic Boomerang used only by Axe-wielding Aerns (RNG, WAR, BST) AoE Plague
Crystaline Cocoon Shell and Protect
Depuration Erases all status effects
Disseverment used only by Dagger-wielding Aerns (BLM, THF, BRD) Single target 5-hit damage + Poison
Glacier Splitter used only by Sword-wielding Aerns (RDM, DRK, PLD) Cone damage Attack + Paralyze
Impact Stream AoE damage Stun + Defense Down
Medusa Javelin used only by Polearm-wielding Aerns (SAM, DRG) Single target damage + Petrification
Sideswipe used only by unarmed Aerns (NIN, MNK) Single target damage + knockback
Wing Thrust Single target damage +Slow
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

Every Aern has a particular job just like other beastmen monsters, but until attacked, there is no way to know which job youÍll get. Once the Aern draws itÍs weapon, youÍll have a general idea of itÍs job class. For example Dagger wielders will be BRD, BLM or THF. After that youÍll need to wait until it uses a job specific skill to know exactly what you have. DRG, SMN, and BST Aerns will call wynav, elementals, and Xzomit or Euvhi pets.

About 40% of the time, Aerns will reraise to full HP and MP after they are killed. The reraise cannot be dispelled.

Disseverment is only used only by Dagger-wielding Aerns (BLM, THF, BRD) so if you pull one with another weapon type there is no chance of learning from it.

All of the Aerns various status inflicting moves can be very nasty, and can be fight changers when used at the wrong moment. Medusa Javelin's petrifaction is very potent. Disseverment can deal massive damage. Since most of the TP moves have added status effects you will suffer from many over the average fight. Be ready to deal with them.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 63 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 66 without.
Disseverment is best hunted in Al'Taieu.

A Duo or Party of higher level help is recommended for this spell. A 75 blink tank DD and a Blue Mage can easily duo the spell. In this case it's recommended that the Blue Mage have a White Mage subjob to support the Tank fully. Solo is possible at BLU/NIN level 72.

You must be on or past CoP mission 8-1 to enter Al'Taieu. Party members should have Echo Drops to deal with Auroral Wind. Antidotes for Disseverments nasty poison, and Remedies for other effects. A White Mage is very useful for handling Medusa Javelin's petrification.

An excellent suggestion for identifying BRD, THF, and BLM Aern's has been sent in by a guide user!

Head to the Pit in Whitegate and get a Soultrapper and some film before you go spell hunting, and before attacking, snap pictures of possible Aerns instead. Check the film you took for the job type, and you'll know if the prospective Aern is the type you need.


Aern Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Ul'aern 70-73 Al'Taieu
Om'aern 75-78 Al'Taieu
Eo'aern 79-82 Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Aw'aern 81-84 The Garden of Ru'Hmet

Once you zone into Al'Taieu, head to the ramp at H-11 that leads up to the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi. This ramp makes for a very safe camp. From here you can pull passing Ul'aern. Note that there are Phuabo's near the ramps base, as they can aggro, take care. If you pull a non-dagger Aern you can sleep it and zone to the red beam back to the den, or into the Palace if you are on or past CoP 8-2. Aerns do link by sight, so take care when pulling. Also, remember to wait a bit after you kill an Aern before running off to pull another. Your defeated Aern can, and sometimes will reraise and be back to full health, and still be very angry with you. ItÍs easy to forget that they can do this, and to run off and grab another. DonÍt forget!

There is a wonderful trick for picking out the Thief Aerns without having to fight!

If you have a level 75 member in your party have them /check the Aern before you attack it. If it cons High Evasion, it is a Thief, which means it will wield a dagger. The rest usually con neutral evasion. This will let you easily pick out the Aerns which can teach the spell, and save a lot of time. Of course if you can't find any that check High Evasion, you'll have to go back to random kills.


Head to the Pit in Whitegate and get a Soultrapper and some film before you go spell hunting, and before attacking, snap pictures of possible Aerns instead. Check the film you took for the job type, and you'll know if the prospective Aern is the type you need. This method will ID all three types that can teach the spell!


A Level 72 or higher BLU/NIN can solo Aerns here at Camp #1.

When pulling and Aern for a solo fight, keep yawn equipped, and use a light/apollo staff when pulling. If you get a non dagger Aern sleep it and zone to the Red beam, or the Gate at the ramp top.

For the fights, you will want to deal as much damage as possible with no waiting to feed it TP. There is no room to play about, as these monsters can kill you if given a chance too. Just kill these Aerns as quick as possible, as if they are Experience monsters. They will get at least one TP move off in the fight, perhaps two.

Be sure to have Echo Drops at the ready, and even create a macro for them. Do not let shadows drop. If they do, Disseverment can kill you.

Once you hit 74 and have Ni, the fights are much simpler, and hold far less risk. You should have no problems at that point.

After you kill an Aern, if you put distance between yourself and the corpse, a reraised Aern won't aggro, there is plenty of time to get away.



Om'aern are found roughly from 7 O'clock clockwise around to 5 O'clock on the map of Al'Taieu. As they are higher levels, they are not the best targets with the lower ones so easily reached. The Aern types in the Palace and Garden also are not recommended for the same reasons. They are harder fights, need further CoP progress, and Camp #1 offers easier and simpler options.


Aern Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Temenos Aern ??? Central Temenos - Basement 1

Disseverment can be learned on the proper Limbus run. You must be on or past CoP 8-2 to enter Limbus, and have gotten the proper Limbus key items for entry to this area. Your Limbus party should be more then able to deal with these Aerns.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes at 75, but it is very very risky. A Duo or small party is far safer.
Do I need any special items? Yes, Echo Drops, Antidotes, and Remedies will help a lot. Having a WHM sub-job is a plus to support your helpers. You also must be at or past the 8-1 CoP mission to hunt this spell at camp #1.
Do Aerns like to use the move? It's not at the top of the use list. They seem to favor the non job specific TP moves, so it can often take some time and many dagger Aerns to see the spell.
The Spell is a five hit attack, and has an additional effect of poison, which does about 18HP/tick of damage.
Disseverment can be paired with any of the following spells to create the Accuracy Bonus Trait: Dimensional Death, Frenetic Rip, or Vanity Drive.

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. WeÍll consider your information in the next page update.

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