Level 75
MP Cost: 40 MP
Ecosystem: Vermin
Type: Magical: Fire
Target: Self
Spell Modifiers None
Set Point Cost: 4 Set Points
Casting Time: 3 Seconds
Recast Time: 60 Seconds
Stat Bonus: HP+5, MP+5, CHR+1


Obtained from Monster Family: Wamoura
TP Moves Effect
Erosion Dust AoE Dia
Erratic Flutter AoE Fire Damage + Large Self Haste
Exuviation Full Erase + Restores HP based on number of debuffs Erased
Magma Fan Cone AoE Fire Damage attack
Proboscis Cone attack MP Drain + Damage equal to drained MP
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

Wamoura spawn when certain larval wamouracampa in Mount Zhayolm remain alive for an extended period of time. It's not clear which wamouracampa will hatch, so you basically have to wait. They can take a good bit to spawn. Wamoura left alone for a while, also seem to despawn, becoming wamouracampa again.

Exuviation will recover HP for the Wamoura based on the number of debuffs that your party has placed upon it. You can see multi thousand point recoveries if you have many debuffs on them.

The haste from Erratic Flutter makes the Wamoura seem to have hundred-fists. It can be dispelled.

The MP drain from Proboscis can totally drain the MP of the target. Do not stand in front of the Wamoura's head if you can avoid it.

Wamoura have true hearing and aggro to sound and magic.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 66 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 69 without.
Exuviation is best hunted in Mount Zhayolm.

This spell cannot be soloed. A serious party is recommended for this spell, with a dedicated tank and healer. Several solid damage dealers are needed also. These monsters a serious foes, and your party will need to be able to control hate, and keep the tank standing while being able to deal enough damage to kill the Wamoura.

One person in your party must have the key item from the cast metal plates to open the Gates of Halvung to reach camp. Equipping Blank Gaze or Geist Wall is a must for dealing with Erratic Flutter. Sneak and invisibility are needed to reach all camps.


Wamoura Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Wamoura 80-82 Mount Zhayolm

Once you zone into Mount Zhayolm , head to the first camp just past the Gates of Halvung at J-7. If you used the staging point, you'll need invisible to get past the clusters, and if it's night, sneak to pass the Ghosts. To open the gate you need to have the key item one gets from checking the Metal Plate ??? spawns. To get the quest, click the gates then find the active ??? that will give you the key item.

Up to two Wamoura spawn at camp A. If you fight here, be sure to kill off the Wamouracampa in the area first, as they will link with the Wamoura when you pull them. You can find a safe camp right by the Gates.

There is usually one, and sometimes two Wamoura in Camp B. To reach them you need to pass sight aggro Trolls, and sight and Job Ability aggro Flans. There is also one sound aggro Clot in the tunnel before the Camp B zone. Take care. There is a safe camp at the tunnel to Halvung at G-7 marked with an 8 on the map above.

Once again, make sure to clear any Wamouracampa before you pull. Wamoura will aggro sound.


To get to Camp C enter Halvung at the entrance marked 8 on the first map, and exit at the one marked 5 on the map above. There are some bombs along the way, so use invisible to get past them. Once back on Mount Zhayolm (top map above) you can proceed to camp at D-6. There are several Wamoura here. There are also sight aggro Dragons, and at night undead. Take care!

At any of the camps the fights will be the same. Pull the Wamoura to your safe camp, and proceed to kill it as fast as you can. These moths hit hard enough, that one does not have the luxury to keep them alive, and feed them TP, to see Exuviation if it's not been used. On the bright side, they seem to like the move, and use it often. It's believed, but not proven, that Wamoura will be more apt to use Exuviation if they have been Debuffed, so place one, and only one debuff on them at the fights start.

Your tank must hold hate. The Wamoura can hit very hard, and if it gets loose on the party, deaths will happen. Your White mage should be on the spot keeping the Tank's HP full, and removing any status effects like the AoE Dia if possible. Dispell from the WHM, or Blank Gaze/Geist Wall from the Blue Mage is manditory if the Erratic Flutter move is used. The haste is serious and the Wamoura will seem to have One Hundred fists. Remove it as fast as possible.

Since Exuviation will heal the Wamoura based on the number of Debuffs that have been cast upon it, make sure that one one is used. When they have have several, the HP recovered can reach into the multi thousands. This can extend a fight well past the safe point. This move is what has given the Wamoura such a tough reputation. But if they are not heavily Debuffed, a standard exp party can handle them.


The Spell can be Duoed at any of the camp 1's A, B, or C.

In the reported case, it was duoed by a 75 RDM and 66 BLU/WHM, this subjob allowed for Erase.

Once you choose a camp spot where you can pull the Wamoura without problems from the linking Wamouracampa, the fights are not overly difficult.

The Blue Mage should set the following spells: Both Blank Gaze and Geist Wall for dispel, Frost Breath, At least two sleep spells, Magic Fruit, and then as many HP+ spells as you can fit.

The fight style is the classic Red Mage form. Sleep/Nuke. The RDM used only Blizzard III as the Wamoura are level 80-82 to cut resists. The Blue Mage can nuke using Frost Breath. Unresisted this spell can deal 500+ damage. After each pair of nukes the RDM should sleep the Wamoura again. One can Aspir them for MP, and it's well worth doing. Ice based spells are used as the Wamoura are weak to them.

Each Nuke will provide the Wamoura with 10% TP. Once you know that it will pass 100%, make sure that the Blue Mage has Stoneskin up, and casts Barfira on the party before you wake it with the next set of nukes.

It seems that if you are out of mele range when it has enough TP, it will not use Magma Fan or Proboscis as those require you to be in mele range. This cuts the possible moves to three, Erosion Dust, Exuviation, and Erratic Flutter. With only these three open, Exuviation and Erosion Dust seem to have priority.

If it uses Exuviation go for the kill, and good luck!

If it uses Erratic Flutter, Sleep it and Dispel the move. If it uses Erosion Dust Sleep it and Erase yourselves.

If the Wamoura has 25% or less HP left, have the RDM Gravity it. Then the Blue can Dia/Banish and the RDM can cast Stone/Water. Each of these gives the target 10% TP, so do this untill it has 80% or 90% TP while the RDM kites it around. Then Sleep it, buff with stoneskin and barfira, Banish/Stone it, and hope it uses Exuviation. If not, kill it off and get a new one.



A 75 BLU/BST has reported being able to solo the Spell at the Camp A location.

There is a tunnel to the south of the J-7 spawn area that leads to an open area at K-8 with about 7 Magmatic Eruca's. This area is where you will fight the Wamoura. The trick is getting it to this area.

Charm a fly from outside the gate, or a Clot from one of the tunnels, pass through the Gate, and sick it on a Wamoura. Remember that Clots are hard to charm even as BST main, so be ready with Zephyr Mantle and Metallic Body and a sleep for it if you fail. Also The Flys link, and often are in packs of two and three. A failed charm can get all of them on you. Take care!

Once your pet is hitting the target Wamoura, use a silent oil, so you can safely pass the Clots in the tunnel, and move to the K-8 area. Heel your pet to bring the Wamoura to you. Don't worry about any Wamouracampa links you pick up, they will loose aggro when the pet dies or you leave it.

Once you get the Wamoura to the Magmatic Eruca's its easy. Just keep throwing the crawlers at it until it dies. Each crawler will take 10-15% off the Wamoura. Keep Zephyr Mantle and Metallic Body up and you can survive a mischarm.


Wamoura Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
War Wamoura ??? Troll Mercenaries Besieged

Exuviation can be learned in a Troll Mercenaries Besieged. You, a party, or alliance member must get the killing blow on the War Wamoura for a chance to learn the spell. You do not need to have had engaged the monster yourself to learn the spell.


Wamoura Hunting Grounds Camp #3
Name Level Location
Ranch Wamoura ??? Lebros Cavern Assault Mission - Wamoura Farm Raid

Exuviation can be learned in the Lebros Cavern Assault Mission - Wamoura Farm Raid. You need the regular assault tags, and proper rank to enter the fight.


Wamoura Hunting Grounds Camp #4
Name Level Location
Wandering Wamoura ??? Salvage - Bhaflau Remnants

Exuviation can be learned in Salvage. You need the 1500 Assault points to enter, and to be in the right section. Your party should be able to handle them. They seem much weaker here then in Camp #1.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? No, you cannot. You will need a solid exp party set up to kill the Wamoura.
Do I need any special items? Yes, Equipping Blank Gaze and/or Geist Wall is a must. Have sneak and invisible items or spells to reach camp. A party member must have the key item Metal Hatch Plate to open the Gates of Halvung to reach camp.
Do Wamoura like to use the move? They seem to get around to using it at least once per fight. It's believed that if they have a debuff placed on them, they will be more apt to use it.
When used by a player, the spell only removes one negative effect much like the spell erase, and the cure does not increase as it does for the Wamoura based on debuff number, capping around 40-50 HP recovered.
Exuviation can be paired with any of the following spells to create the Resist Sleep Trait: Pollen, Wild Carrot, Magic Fruit, or Yawn.

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. We'll consider your information in the next page update.

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