Level 68
MP Cost: 121 MP
Ecosystem: Beastmen
Type: Magical: Fire
Target: Single Target
Spell Modifiers INT 20%, MND 20%
Set Point Cost: 5 Set Points
Casting Time: 6.5 Seconds
Recast Time: 42.75 Seconds
Stat Bonus: STR+3


Obtained from Monster Family: Mamool Ja Mages
TP Moves Effect
Firespit Single target Fire Damage
Forceful Blow: Only used after weapon is thrown Single target Damage attack
Rushing Drub/Slash/Stab Single target four fold Damage
Somersault Kick Single target damage attack + Knockback
Warm-Up Caster receives Accuracy Boost + Evasion Boost
Weapon Throw: Weapon is lost Single target Ranged damage attack
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

Mamool Ja Mages are the Blue Skinned Mamool Ja. They come in two job types; Black Mage and White Mage. They both have high evasion.

Warm-Up raises Accuracy and Evasion by about 40 points. It makes the caster very hard to hit.

Firespit and the four-fold damage moves can deal serious damage.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 59 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 62 without.
Firespit is best hunted in the Wajaom Woodlands.

This spell can not be soloed at learn level. You will need a small party, or a skilled Level 75 solo-class (BST, NIN, RDM). A basic experience party set up will work very well.

A level 68 BLU/BST can solo the spell at camp #1 with local pets.

A 72 BLU/NIN can solo this spell at Camp#1A.

Party members should have a way to dispell Warm-Up, so a Red Mage, /RDM, or proper Blue Magic is called for. Having a way to silence a monster is a huge help. There is aggro on the way to camp, so Sneak and Invisible spells or items, or a Chocobo to get to camp is needful. A warp item will save a long walk home.


Mamool Ja Mages Hunting Grounds Camp #1A
Name Level Location
Mamool Ja Savant (WHM) 72-73 Wajaom Woodlands
Mamool Ja Sophist (BLM) 72-73 Wajaom Woodlands


Mamool Ja Mages Hunting Grounds Camp #1B
Name Level Location
Mamool Ja Savant (WHM) 72-73 Wajaom Woodlands
Mamool Ja Sophist (BLM) 72-73 Wajaom Woodlands


Both camps in this zone are about equal. Zone into Wajaom Woodlands and proceed to D-10 or D-12 on the map. In both camps, there are tunnels that zone into other areas, this is your safe camping area. There will be sight and sound aggro on the way to them, so take precautions. Taking a Chocobo to camp is a perfect solution. Hopefully the Chocobo stable NPC has not been kidnapped! At either camp you will find four Mamool Ja. In each, there are two Blue Skinned Mamool Ja Mages who can teach you the spell. Both Camps have a White Mage and a Black Mage. The difference is with the two Fighter class Mamool Ja at the camps with them. Camp A has a Blue Mage and a Thief, Camp B has a Ninja and a Thief. Choose the camp that has what you prefer to fight.

Pull the Mamool Ja down to the safe camp in the tunnel and treat them like an experience monster. They do aggro by sight and link, so take care with your pulls. You may need to kill the Fighter type Mamool Ja to keep your pulls of the Mages clean.

A average party should have no problems in these camps. Silence and Head Butt are both very useful when fighting these casty Mamool Ja.


We have gotten an excellent report of a 72 BLU/NIN soloing this spell at camp 1A.

To a 72 BLU, the Mamool Ja in this camp will all gauge as EM or T. If they are Tough, pull them with a Chakram and run to zone to make them de-spawn. Since they only can pop as 72 or 73’s when they respawn in this camp, you have a 50/50 chance of getting a EM. Repeat as needed if it pops as a T.

Set Chaotic Eye for silence, and either Saline Coat or Cocoon to absorb a good amount of the damage from spells or regular attacks. As a /NIN it goes without saying that you should always Keep Refueling up. These Mamool Ja hit hard in melee for a mage type, so you may want to use some “ –%Physical Damage” gear to stack up with Cocoon if you feel a need. Make sure you use a Reraise item before starting. There is real risk here.

The fights will be very difficult, but survivable if you still have between 700-1000 HP left, or some shadows still up at time Firespit is used.

For the fight, open with Silence, then if the Mamool Ja has shock spikes up, dispel them. This is key, because they seem to proc once every one or two swings, and the stun lasts for a long time.

Once successful in both debuffings, engage the target back near the zone line, and deal as much damage as possible with no waiting to feed it TP. There is no room to play about, as these monsters can kill you if given a chance too. Just kill these Mamool Ja’s as quick as possible, as if they are Experience monsters. They will get at least one TP move off in the fight, perhaps two.

Firespit seems to be used once out of every two to three of these style of fights.


In either of these camps a 68 BLU/BST can solo the Mamool Ja here with local pets. Be careful when you pull here as the Mamool Ja will link. Treant saplings, and attercops work well. Simply throw pets at the Mamool Ja to wear away most of it's life. Only when it is almost dead, close and finish it with Blue Magic in hopes of learning the spell. Keeping Zephyr Mantle up, always casting outside of hate range of the Mamool, is highly recommended.


Mamool Ja Mages Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Mamool Ja Savant (WHM) 73-75 Mamook
Mamool Ja Sophist (BLM) 73-75 Mamook

If you seek some more targets, you can zone into Mamook from Wajaom Woodlands at D-12 on the Woodlands map. In the circled area you'll be able to easily reach four Mamool Ja, two of which are Mage class. They are a tiny bit stronger then in the Woodlands. Be sure to stay on the path around the edges of the area marked above. There is a lot of aggro in the lower center area.

Treat Mamool Ja here like a regular experience monster for your fights, and move your camp to each mob rather then pulling. They do aggro and link, so take care. You will need to kill the two Fighter type Mamool Ja to reach all of the Mage types. Watch out for Somersault Kick, as it's knockback effect can toss you off the path into the aggro area below.

A average party should have no problems in this camp.


Mamool Ja Mages Hunting Grounds Camp #3
Name Level Location
Mamool Ja Savant (WHM) 73-75 Mamook
Mamool Ja Sophist (BLM) 73-75 Mamook
Mamool Ja Blusterer (WHM) 81-83 Mamook/Bhaflau Thickets
Mamool Ja Philosopher (BLM) 81-83 Mamook/Bhaflau Thickets

There are Higher level Mamool Ja Mages deeper in Mamook and in other areas. The Lower ones are not much harder then the Mamool Ja in Camp 1 or 2, but areas deeper in the zone have a bit more aggro, and camps are harder to reach. A basic experience party can deal with these. The 81+ Mamool Ja are for Merit Parties. Not Recommended.


Mamool Ja Mages Hunting Grounds Camp #4
Name Level Location
Mamool Ja Fetial (BLM) ??? Mamool Ja Besieged
Mamool Ja Hospitaler (WHM) ??? Mamool Ja Besieged

Firespit can be learned in a Mamool Ja Besieged. You, a party, or alliance member must get the killing blow on the Mamool Ja for a chance to learn the spell. You do not need to have had engaged the monster yourself to learn the spell.


Mamool Ja Mages Hunting Grounds Camp #5
Name Level Location
Mamool Ja Warder (WHM) ??? Assault Mission - Imperial Agent Rescue

Firespit can be learned in Assault. The Mission Imperial Agent Rescue has Mamool Ja who use the spell quite often. Your party should have no issue killing the Mamool Ja here.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? No. You will need a party or a very skilled soloist to help.
Do I need any special items? Yes, a Red Mage subjob for or Blue Spells for Dispell helps. Sneak and Invisibility items, or a Chocobo to reach camp. Setting Chaotic Eye and Head Butt will be a big help. A warp item to save a walk home.
Remember, you can only learn the spell from the Blue Skined Mamool Ja Mages (BLM, WHM).
Do Mamool Jas like to use the move? Yes, they use it often.
The Spell acts as a Magical attack, and not a AoE Breath move.
Firespit can be paired with any of the following spells to create the Conserve MP Trait: Chaotic Eye, Zephyr Mantle, or Frost Breath

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. We'll consider your information in the next page update.

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