Harden Shell
Level 95 ~
MP Cost: 20 MP
Ecosystem: Lizard
Type: Magical: Earth
Target: Self
Spell Modifiers ?
Set Point Cost: Unbridled Knowledge
Casting Time: 3 Seconds
Recast Time: 90 Seconds
Stat Bonus: ~


Obtained from Monster Family: Admantoise
~ TP Moves Effect
Aqua Breath Water based breath attack
Earth Breath Earth based breath attack
Harden Shell Defense Boost for caster
Head Butt Single target Accuracy Down + damage attack
Tortoise Song AoE Dispel
Turtle Stomp Single target Defense down + damage attack
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

None of the Admantoise moves are that bad. 


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Unknown Can first be used at 95 with Unbridled Knowledge  JA
Harden Shell is best hunted in Abyssea - Tahrogni.

This spell can be soloed by a level 90 BLU.

Setting a dispel and way to erase oneself can be helpful.

Admantoise Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Thalassinon 83?? Abyssea - Tahrogni


Zone into Abyssea - Tahrogni, and get your time and Atma/Abyssite Buffs. Take the conflux to #4, #5 or #6 and work your way west  to the camp circled in red on the map above. The Gnats and Tigers can agro, so be sure to sneak and invis yourself as needed. Once you are in camp, grab a turtle, feed it TP, wait for your move, and hope to learn it on killing. The mobs do not link, so you can fight safely where you like.

The one issue to look out for is a NM turtle Chukwa that pops in the area. He WILL aggro. So keep an eye out for a giant turtle. He is pretty hard to miss. So you should be pretty safe with minimal attention.


Admantoise Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Admantoise 80??? Nyzul Isle Investigation Floor 20 or 40

There is the chance of fighting an Admantoise on floors 20 and 40 of Nyzul Isle. It's a 1/3 chance as a Behemoth or Dragon can pop also. You'll need a team that can climb the five floors to reach the monster and luck to see it. Any team of 90's that knows Nyzul should have no issues reaching the floor and killing the mob.

Admantoise Hunting Grounds Camp #3
Name Level Location
Millenary Mossback 80??? Limbus - NW Apollyon

There are Admantoise in Limbus. You'll need a small group to get to them. But a solid team of 90's should have no issues reaching and killing them. 

Admantoise Hunting Grounds Camp #4
Name Level Location
Chukwa (30min Timed Spawn) 85??? Abyssea - Tahrogni

Chukwa Pops in the area marked as a camp in the Camp #1 map, about once every 30 minutes. A solid Duo or Trio of a DD and healer can handle him. He is not a good BLU solo.  

Admantoise Hunting Grounds Camp #5
Name Level Location
Genbu (Forced Spawn) 88-90 Ru'Aun Gardens
Lacovie (Forced Spawn) 80??? Abyssea - Tahrogni
Adamantoise (24H Timed Spawn) 72-74 Valley of Sorrows
Aspidochelone (3 Day Lotto Spawn) 85-88 Valley of Sorrows

There are Admantoise all around the planet. Most of them need many pop items, that can be annoying to gather. These are not the best choices for spell hunting but can work if you find the chance.

Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes in camp #1.
Do I need any special items? Yes, You will need a way to sneak and invis to get to camp #1 safely. Or friends for other camps. 
Do Admantoise like to use the move? They use it as often as all of the other TP moves. 
The spell is usable under the level 95 JA Unbridled Knowledge, and provides a 100% Def boost. 

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. We'll consider your information in the next page update.

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