Level 65
MP Cost: 42 MP
Ecosystem: Lizards
Type: Magical: Ice
Target: AoE Fan
Spell Modifiers INT
Set Point Cost: 4 Set Points
Casting Time: 5 Seconds
Recast Time: 120 Seconds
Stat Bonus: INT+1


Obtained from Monster Family: Lizard
TP Moves Effect
Baleful Gaze Petrifying Gaze Attack
Blockhead Damage attack + Knockback
Brain Crush Damage attack + Silence
Fireball AoE Fire Damage
Infrasonics Cone attack AoE Evasion Down
Plague Breath Cone breath attack damage + Poison
Secretion Caster receives Evasion Boost
Tail Blow Single Target Damage attack
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

The Petrifaction from Baleful Gaze is quite potent.

The poison from Plague breath is long lasting, and very dangerous at low levels.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 58 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 59 without.
Infrasonics is best hunted in the Meriphataud Mountains.

This spell can be safely soloed as soon as you can learn it.

If hunting Lizards near your level, you should have Antidotes to deal with Poison. Having a White Mage to cast Stona is a bonus. A low damage weapon to feed TP to lower level Lizards is a plus.

Lizard Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Watch Lizard 3-5 Ghelsba Outpost
Rock Lizard 3-8 North/South Gustaberg
Rock Lizard 5-8 Dangruf Wadi
Mist Lizard 10-12 Konschtat Highlands
Sentry Lizard 11-14 Fort Ghelsba
Riding Lizard 12-15 Yughott Grotto
Hill Lizard 15-18 Valkurm Dunes
Steam Lizard 16-20 Dangruf Wadi
Hill Lizard 19-22 Meriphataud Mountains
Hill Lizard 22-26 Sauromugue Champaign
War Lizard 29-32 Davoi
Ivory Lizard 32-35 Yuhtunga Jungle
Geezard 34-37 Davoi
White Lizard 36-39 Yhoator Jungle
And many more... 1-75 Lots o' places!

When hunting this spell there are so many low level Lizards to choose from that picking a best camp is hard. I chose the Meriphataud Mountains because there are a huge number of spawns in the lower section of the map, and the Lizards there are tough enough to take a bit of a beating and not die as you feed them TP with a low end weapon. If the Lizard does not use the move, kill it and move to the next spawn.

A level 58 Blue Mage will have no problems here.

You can use the lower lizards just as well, though feeding them TP without killing them is difficult. There are many higher Lizards, but given the massive numbers of low level camps why take the risk? Not Recommended.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes. It's a snap.
Do I need any special items? Just a Low damage weapon to feed the Lizards TP.
Do Lizards like to use the move? They have more TP moves then average. It can take some time to see.
The Spell inflicts about -20 evasion on it's targets, and lasts sixty seconds. This is an amazing spell, and not enough Blue Mages seem to have realized how impressive it is. It can go a huge distance in helping your Mele party mates connect with the target.

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. Well consider your information in the next page update.

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