Level 71
MP Cost: 66 MP
Ecosystem: Beasts
Type: Magical: Fire
Target: AoE
Spell Modifiers INT
Set Point Cost: 2 Set Points
Casting Time: 7 Seconds
Recast Time: 56 Seconds
Stat Bonus: HP-5


Obtained from Monster Family: Buffalo
TP Moves Effect
Big Horn Single Target damage attack
Lowing AoE Plague: reduces TP and MP over time
Rabid Dance Caster receives Evasion boost
Rampant Gnaw Single Damage attack + Paralyze
Snort Breath Damage attack + Knockback
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

The Paralysis that comes with Rampant Gnaw procs often.

The slow MP drain from Lowing can cause trouble if you are tight for MP. It does wear fairly quickly.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 62 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 65 without.
Lowing is best hunted in Uleguerand Range.

This spell can be safely soloed when you can use it at 71. It's much safer and easier to duo it with a Tank.

Party members should have Remedies for Rampant Gnaw's Paralysis, or the ability to cast Paralyna. Having a White Mage to remove Disease is a bonus. Having Sneak and Invisibility spells or potions is a must to reach camp.

Buffalo Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Buffalo 62-65 Uleguerand Range

Once you zone into Uleguerand Range, head to the camp A at G-11, or Camp B at E-9, if you need more targets. Both camps are safe areas on the ramps, just before you enter the open areas where the Buffalo roam, which are noted by the red circles above. You will pass sight aggro Snoll and tigers, and sound aggro Bats on the way to camp. Snoll also aggro magic. Take care.

There are a few Buffalo near camp A, and many more at B. They aggro sight, but have a very small vision range. Pull them to your camp, and obtain your spell. The Paralysis from Rampant Gnaw should be removed as soon as possible, as it can often prevent casting.

You should have no problems soloing the low level Buffalo at Blue Mage 70+

A Blue Mage with a Tank operating as a Duo will have no problems with this spell. Simply keep your tank healed and status free, and things will go easily. A Beastmaster can easily solo the spell with local pets.


Buffalo Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Giant Buffalo 68-71 Uleguerand Range
King Buffalo 79-82 Uleguerand Range

There are higher level Buffalo to be found as you move around the Range in a counter-clockwise direction toward it's top. As they are higher level, they will be more difficult to kill, and require help or a party. There are also dangerous aggro mobs on the way to, and near these Buffalo. Because there are the excellent lower level camps, these are not recommended.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes. You should have no problems by level 71 in camp #1A or B. A Duo is simpler.
Do I need any special items? Yes, Remedies for Rampant Gnaw's Paralysis are a must. A way to be rid of Plague is a bonus. A warp item will save you a long walk home.
Do Buffalo like to use the move? Yes. They seem to use it often.
The Spell causes a slow drain on MP and TP.
Lowing can be paired with any of the following spells to create the Clear Mind Trait: Poison Breath, Soporific, Venom Shell, Awful Eye, Filamented Hold, Maelstrom, Feather Tickle, Corrosive Ooze, Sandspray, Warm-Up, Mind Blast

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