Radiant Breath
Level 54
MP Cost: 116 MP
Ecosystem: Dragon
Type: Magical: Light
Target: AOE Fan centered on caster
Spell Modifiers HP 1:5
Set Point Cost: 4 Set Points
Casting Time: 5.25 Seconds
Recast Time: 33.75 Seconds
Stat Bonus: CHR+1, HP+5


Obtained from Monster Family: Wyvern
TP Moves Effect
Deadly Drive Damage attack
Dispelling Wind AOE Dispell up to three buffs
Dread Shriek AOE Paralyze
Fang Rush Single target three hit Damage attack

Plasma Breath

Breath lightning attack
Radiant Breath Breath attack Deals light damage + Slow + Silence
Tail Crush Damage + STR Down +Poison
Wind Wall Caster EVA Boost
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

Wyverns TP moves can be very dangerous. The Paralyze from Dread Shriek is very potent. The EVA boost from Wind Wall is substantial, often causing massive numbers of missed attacks by players. Radiant Breath's Silence is dangerous to mages and Ninjas. Dispelling Wind can remove food effects as well as other buffs. With high level Wyverns, the damage attached to all moves can be quite high.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 47
Radiant Breath is best hunted in Riverne Site #B01.

A Party is needed for this spell, it is not soloable. A trio, with a Tank and Healer seems to work well at the Riverne Site #B01 camp. Multiple Blue Mages will have no problems either.

You must be on or past CoP mission 4-2 to enter Riverne Site #B01. Since the zone has a level cap of 50 make sure to bring proper gear, and equip spells that are 50 and lower. Party members should have Echo Drops to cure silence, Antidotes for poison, and Remedies for paralysis. Having a White Mage with you, or a member with White Mage as a sub job, is very helpful for status cures. Equipping Blank Gaze or Geist Wall is very useful for dealing with Wind Wall.


Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Pyrodrake 50-53 Riverne Site #B01
Ignidrake 57-59 Riverne Site #B01

Proceed to the second island in Riverne Site #B01. Here you will find several Pyrodrake type Wyverns. There is also a Hippogryph in the area that is true sight and will aggro. Take care. No other monsters in the camp area will aggro. Respawn time is very fast here, so you will have no problems finding a target.

The Ignidrakes are much further in, and as they are higher level, a larger party will be needed if you choose to fight them. Since they take more work to get to, and kill, why bother?



Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #2
Name Level Location
Hurricane Wyvern 75-78 Ifrit's Cauldron

Enter Ifrit's Cauldron from the Eastern most entrance in Yhoator Jungle. Proceed to the zone marked A on the above map. You will need sneak for Bats, and invisible for Bombs. There is a flame spout on the way, it is guarded by a bomb. Bring an ice cluster to trade to it to put it out, or be ready to wait for it to drop on it's own.

Proceed to the Drop marked P, and jump down. You will need Invisible for Bombs and Sneak for Bats.

After Landing, move to the zone line marked M. Sneak and invisble are needed.

Follow the cave to the exit marked I. More Sneak and Invisble!

Right after you zone, you are at the camp. There are some Lizards here (non aggro) and a few bats back in the cave. They will aggro to sound.

In the open area ahead are your Prey, the Wyverns. Some Bombs float with them also. Be aware that a Bomb can pop very close to the camp where one Lizard wanders.

The Wyverns here can be killed by a 75 BST, or a 75 BLU/BST using the local pets. It is a risky fight, and fairly unsafe. If you are going /BST bring as much gear as possible to aid in your charming.

A High level Duo or more can also kill the Wyverns here if you have a solid tank with healing support. A SMN and BST duo can work wonderfully.

If you are trying /BST be sure to pull the fights to where the First Lizard is, so you can leave it with out it despawning once you need to charm it. Starting with a Lizard from out in the Wyverns area is the best way to go. For pet swaps use the Bats from back in the tunnel or the Lizard by the camp. Debuff when you can, and stay back. Let the Pets do the job.

This is a risky camp. For the Blue Mage seeking a challenge it is perfect.



Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #3
Name Level Location
Typhoon Wyvern 78-80 Gustav Tunnel
Ungur 82 Gustav Tunnel

Enter Gustav Tunnel from the Secret Beach at the Dunes. Proceed to the zone marked A on the above map. You will need sneak for Bats, and invisible for Goblins.

Proceed to camp at E-9. You will need Invisible for Goblins, and Sneak for several types of monsters. Note the NM Wyvern Ungur can spawn here if you kill the other Wyverns for long enough.

Given the levels of the Wyverns here, you are looking at needing a Merit Party style group for easy kills. A Balanced group of high 70's should have no issues killing the Wyverns. Once upon a time, people used to level off these Wyverns, so a regular Exp party can do the job at proper level.

Ungur, should he pop, can be handled by parties set up as above. He's of course harder, but can be killed without too much more trouble.

All the types of care listed in Camp #1 apply here also. Once again, this is a camp for Blue Mages seeking {fun} and {Exceitment}Camp #1 is still a much better option.


Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #4
Name Level Location
Ajattara 79?-?? Grauberg [S]

There is a Wyvern camp located in Grauberg [S], located at C-8/D-8 as noted on the map above. The Wyverns here are called Ajattara, and have a very cool Green/Gold skin color, they are also VT-IT to a level 75 player, so they are targets for high level folks. About a dozen of them wander the camp area. To reach camp you may need sneak and Invisible to get past some Quadav and Peiste in the early parts of Grauberg [S] as they can aggro even 75's. You will also need to pass True Sight Hippogryph at the F-8/G-8 area. Take care, but if you are in a group equipped to deal with the Ajattara, any aggro you get will not be a problem!

Fights here should be handled as noted in the Camp #2 and #3 notes above.


Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #5
Name Level Location
Maze Lurker (Wyvern type) Varies Moblin Maze

One can learn Radiant Breath in the Moblin Mazes.

The Blue Mage must be at least level 47 in the Maze to learn the spell if they are level capped. The Wyverns can be forced to any level by including a lower level member in your party. For example, enter as a level 47 Blue Mage, with a friend on a level 1 job, and the Wyverns will be level 3 to 5. So you can choose what level of them you wish to fight by what level partner you bring. This allows for soloing.

By including a Rune#11 (Dragons) on your Maze Tabula you will see only Dragon type monsters in your run, and the chances of seeing Wyvern types will be very high.


Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #6
Name Level Location
Wyvern 72-75 Labyrinth of Onzozo
Skoffin 82-83 Bhaflau Thickets
Watch Wyvern 82-?? Mamook

Higher level Wyverns can be found in many places that do not require CoP missions for access. In all cases, due to the high level of the Wyverns, a solid exp or merit style party will be needed to beat them safely. A skilled Red Mage, Beastmaster, or Ninja can solo these high end wyverns with a lot of careful work. So if you have a friend with one of these jobs, who loves a challenge, this might be something for them to try! All these camps are in very dangerous zones. Proper care should be taken.



Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #7
Name Level Location
War Wyvern ??? Mamool Ja Besieged

Radiant Breath can be learned in a Mamool Ja Besieged. You, a party, or alliance member must get the killing blow on the War Wyvern for a chance to learn the spell. You do not need to have had engaged the monster yourself to learn the spell.



Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #8
Name Level Location
Gorynich ??? NW Apollyon - 4th Floor

Radiant Breath can be learned on the proper Limbus run. You must be on or past CoP 8-2 to enter Limbus, and have gotten the proper Limbus key items for entry to this area. Your Limbus party should be more then able to deal with these Wyverns. There are 5 of them on the 4th floor, they seem to use the move often.



Wyvern Hunting Grounds Camp #9
Name Level Location
Blizzard/Chaos/Lightning/Radiant Wyvern ??? Eye of the Storm BCNM

Radiant Breath can be learned in the uncapped Eye of the Storm BCNM, entered with a Lachesis Orb, bought with 30 Kindred's Seals. It is located in the Chamber of Oracles, deep in the Quicksand Caves. Take care when getting to the circle for the fight as there are many aggro mobs on the way.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes in the Moblin Mazes it can be done. In other camps you will need at least a trio.
Can I learn the spell in Riverne Site #A01? No, because of the level cap of 40 for the zone, the spell cannot be learned from the Wyverns there.
Can I learn the spell from a Dragoon class monster's pet Wyvern? No you cannot.
Can I learn the spell from the Cyranuce M Cutauleon Quest Wyvern in Ghelsba Outpost? No, this Wyvern does not use Radiant Breath, so the spell cannot be learned there.
Do I need any special items? Yes, Echo Drops, Antidotes, and Remedies to cure possible status effects. You also must be at or past the correct CoP missions to hunt in the best camp. If you are lower then level 50 there are aggro possibilities on the way to the Riverne. Bring sneak and invisible items if needed. As Riverne Site #B01 is capped at 50, be sure to have armor and spells that are under the cap. A warp item to save a long unsafe walk home is nice also.
Do Wyverns like to use the move? Yes, but because Wyverns have so many other TP moves, it can sometimes take a bit to see the spell. But they use it as often as any of the others.
The Spell is a breath attack that deals damage based upon your HP. It averages 1.3x your current level.

Do you have more information on this spell, or a better/new way to hunt it? Send an e-mail here, with the words: Blue Mage Spells in the subject line. We'll consider your information in the next page update.

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