Sprout Smack
Level 4
MP Cost: 6 MP
Ecosystem: Plantoids
Type: Physical (Blunt)
Target: Single Target
Spell Modifiers VIT 30%
Set Point Cost: 2 Set Points
Casting Time: 0.5 Seconds
Recast Time: 7.25 Seconds
Stat Bonus: MND+1


Obtained from Monster Family: Sapling
TP Moves Effect
Slumber Powder AoE Sleep
Sprout Smack Single Target Damage attack + Slow
Sprout Spin AoE Damage + Knockback
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

None of the Sapling moves are a problem.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 1
Sprout Smack is best hunted in North or South Gustaberg.

This spell can be soloed starting at level 1. No party is needed for the Gustaberg camp.

No special items needed.

Sapling Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Walking Sapling 2-6 North Gustaberg
Walking Sapling 2-6 South Gustaberg
Strolling Sapling 7-10 Konschtat Highlands
Strolling Sapling 7-10 La Theine Plateau
Strolling Sapling 7-10 Tahrongi Canyon

Just head out from Bastok and kill Saplings. Nothing special.

If you choose to get the spell in La Theine, the Highlands, or Tahrongi, you should be at least level 5 or higher. In the early areas of the zones where saplings are found, no other mobs will aggro. But if you are very low level, there can be other aggro on the way to the zones.

There are many other Sapling class monsters all over the world. They are all higher in level, and many will require a party, or skilled help to kill. With so many easy low level options, they are not recommended.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes. A very easy spell to solo starting at level 1.
Do I need any special items? No, but a low damage weapon to feed the Monster TP helps.
Do Saplings like to use the move? Yes. They love the spell. You will see it often.
The Spell's Slow is 15%, and lasts for a good amount of time.
Sprout Smack can be paired with any of the following spells to create the Beast Killer Trait: Wild Oats, 1000 Needles or Seedspray.

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