Tempestuous Upheaval
Level 99
MP Cost: 118 MP
Ecosystem: Vermin
Type: Magical: Wind
Target: AOE
Spell Modifiers INT
Set Point Cost: 6 Set Points
Casting Time: 0.5 Seconds
Recast Time: 12 Seconds
Stat Bonus: AGI+6


Obtained from Monster Family: Twitherym
TP Moves Effect
Blackout Silence + Paralysis + Blind
Slice 'n' Dice Damage + Choke
Tempestuous Upheaval Wind elemental damage to enemies within area of effect.
Special Notes on Monster and it's TP Moves

None of the moves are overly bad to deal with. Twitherym seem weak to stone based spells, and can link.


Obtaining the Spell
Minimum Blue Mage Level Needed To Acquire Spell: Level 89 with +BLU equip. Level 92 Without it.
Tempestuous Upheaval is best hunted in the Ceizak Battlegrounds.

The Spell can be soloed at level 99 with 100+ gear with no problems.

Twitherym Hunting Grounds Camp #1
Name Level Location
Careening Twitherym 99+? Ceizak Battlegrounds

Use a Waypoint to warp to Frontier Station #1 and then proceed to the clearings to the South. In them there are many Twitherym. The only aggro you need worry about is at night, when Umbrels are about.

The fights are pretty strait forward. Buff, pull, feed TP and kill. As these are higher level monsters, they can hit hard, so mind your health. The TP move Blackout can silence and paralyse you, so be sure to have Echo Drops with you if you are soloing. Seting a Dispell to remove the paralyse, or subbing WHM can also help. Over all, they are not much of a challenge.


Special notes about the spell a Blue Mage may like to know
Can I solo it? Yes.
Do I need any special items? Yes Echo Drops to handle silence.
Do Twitherym to use the move often? Often enough.
Temptestuous Upheaval Produces the Evasion Bonus Trait on it's own.

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